Virtual Machines

Businesses depend on computers and software far more intensively day to day than can ever have been envisaged. As a result, the computing power we demand and the amounts of data that is critical to the effective operation of our business, is increasing all the time

On top of this, the purchase and maintenance costs of running all these computers and servers is also increasing.

Virtualization offers a flexible and efficient way of delivering IT processing power and applications at exactly the time and place needed, while minimizing overcapacity, redundancy and unnecessary costs.

With virtualization in place, organizations can share their computing capacity across all business systems, leading to an overall reduction in redundant data centre capacity and an increased use of base assets.

You may have already created a virtual machine using VMware's free Server software, and now need to build a new virtual machine in a professional data center. High entry costs, limited flexibility and a steep learning curve inhibit the 'DIY' approach to hosting a virtual machine successfully and few, if any hosting providers understand the unique requirements of virtual machines for providing hosting services.

WeHostYou provides a secure, resilient platform for VMware virtual machines at our state of the art data centers.

VM Hosting Provides

VM Hosting Is Not

VM Hosting Optons

  1. Storage - 100GB, 200GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB partitions on our state-of-the-art NetApp SAN. Additional storage rapidly configured.
  2. Your virtual machines. Configure CPUs, RAM, operating system and licenses.
  3. Your own private LAN - fully configurable.
  4. Redundant firewalls. Configure access rules and IP forwarding.
  5. Redundant Internet feeds. 100MB and GB cross-connects to multiple Tier 1 providers.

Backup of virtual machine can be arranged via a snapshot or traditional backup techniques to a 36GB CFIS share or ISCSI disk.